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Multi-Domain Reporting
March 15, 2024

Administrative users with linked administrative accounts can run reports across multiple domains when logged into a district on the PRO edition of SameGoal.

When logged into an account that meets these requirements, all reports will have the option to be run across other domains for which you have a linked administrative account. Only the account you are currently logged into needs to be on the PRO edition.

By default, only your current LEA will be selected. If the report you're running can be run for a specific subset of buildings, if you select other domains, the building settings will be disabled. In other words, when running a report across multiple domains, the report will be run for all buildings in the selected domains. When the report is generated, it will have a column on the left hand side specifying which domain the result is being returned from.

lightbulb Tip
When running state reporting extract reports, be careful not to accidentally run the report for multiple domains.

To run a report across multiple domains:

  1. Ensure your accounts are linked.
  2. Log in to an administrative account in a district on the PRO edition of SameGoal.
  3. Navigate to the Reports page.
  4. Select the report you wish to run.
  5. In the report settings, select which domains you wish to run the report for.
  6. Run the report.

Multi-Domain Report