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Real-time Validation and Validation Mode

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Effective 02/10/2020, users have the ability to both (a) see and resolve errors in real-time using real-time validation and (b) view and resolve all remaining errors quickly using validation mode.

Real-time validation

  • All required document fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).
  • Any field that has a validation error is marked with a red dot.
  • Hovering over the asterisk or dot displays the validation error message.
  • Once each issue is resolved, the asterisk or red dot disappears.

Validation mode

  • Users enter validation mode by clicking the validation mode icon (check mark in a circle) in the toolbar. When the icon is clicked, it becomes highlighted and a left and right arrow appears. These arrows allow users to go to the previous and next errors respectively.
  • Validation mode allows users a faster way to visit and resolve all remaining errors in a document. The current error under review at any given time is marked with a red box.
  • Once an error has been resolved, the red box and asterisk/dot disappear. The user can then use the arrows at the top to advance to the next error.
  • Validation errors appear in sequence if there are multiple errors for a field. For example, a required missing date marked with an asterisk will become a dot if the date was invalid.
  • When the user has resolved all validation errors, a message will display.