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Document validation rules include checks for compliance, completeness and consistency. If there are any unsatisfied validation rules, the document cannot be marked as complete.

lightbulb TIP
Not all forms contain validation rules. If a form does not contain any validation rules, visiting the Check tab will simply display "There are currently no issues which will prevent you from completing this document".

If a document contains unsatisfied validation rules and a user attempts to mark that document as complete, a dialogue will appear indicating the document, number of errors, and expandable list of error descriptions. Users can follow the steps below to resolve the errors and mark their document complete.

directions_walk STEPS

  1. Find the document you wish to validate.
  2. Click on the name of the document to open.
  3. Click the Check tab in the blue bar.
  4. Resolve any unsatisfied validation rules by clicking the link locations listed on the page, and completing the field within the red dashed box.
    • The link locations are listed as follows: Document > Section > Field
    • For example, IEP > Cover Page > MEETING DATE would be referring to the current document you are editing (IEP), section (Cover page), and field (MEETING DATE) that you need to resolve in order to complete the document. Fill in the meeting date on the cover page and this issue will disappear.
  5. Click on the Check tab to resolve the remaining errors.
  6. Once all the errors have been resolved the message "There are currently no issues which will prevent you from completing this document" will appear on the Check tab, and validation is complete.
  7. You can now mark the document complete.

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Visit an incomplete document. Visit the Check tab.
  2. Edit the document to remove 1-2 validation check errors.