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User Roles
May 22, 2023

In direct response to user requests, buildings are now decoupled from the form default and max permission settings. User Groups have become User Roles allowing for an easier, faster workflow when adding/updating users' access to documents. The User Roles option has replaced the User Groups option when visiting Settings in the left menu.

Highlights from the User Roles update:

1. Existing permissions have been rolled over from previously existing User Groups. All user groups that had identical permission settings have been systematically merged into a single role, with buildings being separated on a user by user basis. Remaining duplicate roles created from buildings with different permissions in User Groups appear with a parentheses and number. These roles should be merged by an admin user in the district. For example, an admin user may want to combine all duplicate GenEd - Elementary (1),GenEd - Elementary (2), GenEd - Middle, and GenEd - High School user roles into a single GenEd role.