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Merge User Roles Before the New School Year

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Merge User Roles Before the New School Year (Highly Recommended)
August 11, 2023

At the end of the 22/23 school year we updated user groups to user roles giving administrative users more granularity in permission settings for non-admin users. A big part of this upgrade was decoupling buildings from user roles.

Districts may now have duplicate user roles that should be combined. As we get ready for the upcoming school year, we highly recommend merging any existing user roles that have the same permissions in order to combat any confusion when adding new users.

For example, roles appended by numbers (e.g. GenEd - Elementary (1) and GenEd - Elementary (2)) can be merged into a single user role, and buildings will be assigned to new users on a per user basis.

Note: After merging the roles, existing users with the newly merged roles will continue to be able to access buildings they previously had access to.

When adding new users, the admin user can select the newly merged role and give access to any building the user may need access to. Alternatively, the admin user can add all new users at once and bulk assign user roles and buildings after the users have been added.