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Multiple student records for a given student may be collapsed into a single record. Multiple student records may have been created if:

lightbulb Tip
This is commonly seen with preschoolers, who might be entered in SameGoal initially with a temporary id so that documents may be started. If the preschooler eventually enrolls via the SIS, the record with the temporary id and the record with the enrolled student id can be collapsed.

directions_walk Steps

To collapse records for a given student:

  1. Visit Students/create new menu on the left side.
  2. Search for the student's name.
  3. Check off all the student records that you want to collapse/merge into one.
  4. Click the Actions dropdown menu along the top in the blue bar.
  5. Click Collapse Student Records.
  6. Choose the record you want to keep.
  7. Click Collapse. This will merge all the documents into the desired student record.

lightbulb Tip
Only users with administrative access can collapse/merge student records. If your student information system (SIS) is integrated with SameGoal, student information (Basics and Details tabs in SameGoal) will be automatically updated nightly. Make sure that you choose the correct SIS ID number to collapse to in order that the nightly integration updates the correct student.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Add two students with the same name, but different SIS Student Id numbers (example details below).
  2. Add 2-3 different documents to each student (eg. Test1 Student1, and Progress Report to Test2 Student2).
  3. Collapse the two students together by merging them into Test1 Student1's ID number. Verify all documents are now in Test1 Student1's record.
  4. Delete Test1 Student1.
First NameLast NameSIS/Print Student Id
Test1Student1Your Favorite Color & Numbers
Test2Student2Your least Favoriate Color & Numbers