Linked Accounts Reauthentication Interval

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Users who have a SameGoal account in multiple districts may choose to link their accounts. Users with a linked account switch from one account to another by clicking their current account username (top right), then clicking the district in the menu dropdown they wish to visit next. At this point, the user will be asked for the password of the account they are travelling to if reauthentication is needed.

As an administrator, you may set the interval at which users with linked accounts are required to reauthenticate. Options include Always, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never. Never is most convenient, as it means the user need not enter the password for their account in your district ever again after linking their account (so long as their account is linked and their account is not deleted in your district). However, it is also least secure. Always is most secure but least convenient. Choose an option appropriate to your district's use and needs.

directions_walk Steps

  1. Visit Settings > Technical Settings.
  2. Locate the Linked Accounts Reauthentication Interval dropdown.
  3. Choose a setting from the dropdown.
  4. Click the Save changes button.