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SameGoal includes many standard reports in varying formats. Report generation types include:

  • html - HTML, or web reports, are helpful when reviewing associated documents and making any necessary corrections. These web reports contain links to users, students, and documents included in the report.
  • csv - CSV reports are downloaded upon generation. These reports may be opened in MS EXCEL and further manipulated with sorting and filtering as needed.
  • fixed - Fixed reports are downloaded upon generation. These reports are in a fixed-width format, generally most useful for state reporting.

directions_walk STEPS

To generate reports:

  1. Visit Reports.
  2. A list of available reports will be displayed. Scroll to find the applicable report.
  3. Generate the report by clicking the report format button on the right side of the row.

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Open an HTML report of caseloads (ie IEP/SP, ETR, etc).
  2. Download a CSV of Users in your district.
  3. Download a CSV of Goals that have a status of All and for all buildings.
  4. Filter the report from #3 by effective start date.