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Running Reports

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SameGoal includes many standard reports in varying formats. Each time a report is first generated in the application, web/HTML results will appear in a dedicated "report viewer" browser tab. This allows the user to continue using the rest of the application while the report generates and displays results using as much of the screen as possible.

Generating a report link

To generate reports:

  1. Visit Reports in the left menu.
  2. A list of available reports will be displayed by category. Click through to find the applicable report.
  3. Select the settings you would like for your report.
  4. Generate the report by clicking the Run Report button.
    • While the report is generating, the "report viewer" browser tab will contain an ellipsis. When the ellipsis disappears and a blue dot appears on the SameGoal icon, this will signal to the user that the report has completed.

Running multiple reports link

lightbulb Tip
If a user attempts to run a report from the main web application or the edit menu in the report viewer with the same parameters of a report that has already run/is running, an informational pop-up will appear to let the user know the report is already open in another browser tab.

lightbulb Tip
The Reports link in the main web application will display the number of reports open in other tabs in order to help power users, running multiple reports at a time, better manage their workflow and tabs. Users may hover over the number and click the arrow icon to have the desired report window title bar flash with an ellipsis and the blue icon making the report easier to find.