Undelete Documents

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Deleted documents can be restored by each document's owner(s) or by an administrative user.

directions_walk Steps

To delete a document:

  1. Visit All in the left menu.
  2. Visit view deleted in the blue bar.
  3. Page to the deleted document using the arrow on the top right.
    • lightbulb Tip
      Set the All Forms filter in the blue bar to the document's form type to find it more quickly.
    • lightbulb Tip
      Administrative users see deleted documents for all students, which is often many pages to arrow through. After clicking the right paging arrow once, adjust the page number in the URL (at the very end of it) to navigate through deleted documents more quickly.
  4. Check the deleted document.
  5. Click the Undelete button in the blue bar.
  6. If the document requires further editing, re-mark the document incomplete.
    • lightbulb Tip
      All documents are automatically marked complete when they are deleted so that other documents of that form type may be subsequently authored for the student.