User Authentication

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There are two ways users can authenticate in SameGoal.

Application email/password link

By default, users authenticate with SameGoal using an email address and password.

LDAP link

Login over LDAP (Active Directory, eDirectory, etc) is recommended when your district supports it.

LDAP authentication allows users to login to SameGoal using the same username and password they use for other district applications (eg email). When SameGoal is configured for LDAP authentication and a user logs in, username and password are sent directly to your district LDAP server. The user's LDAP password is not stored. The server then sends back only a Yes/No answer as to whether authentication succeeded.

lightbulb Tip
If your district enables LDAP authentication, you can still opt-out individual users to use an application email and password. This may be necessary, for example, when a user is a contracted related service provider without a district LDAP account. The option to opt-out a given user from LDAP appears when you add and update users (provided your district is configured to use LDAP).

Configure LDAP link

LDAP authentication is typically configured by district IT staff during implementation.

directions_walk Steps

To modify your LDAP settings:

  1. Visit Settings > Technical Settings.
  2. Locate Authentication. Select the desired method. If LDAP, enter your district's LDAP information.
  3. Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page.