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Other/Custom SIS Dashboards, Toolbars, Alerts and Document Viewer Integration

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SameGoal provides streamlined document viewer integrations for popular student information systems such as PowerSchool and Infinite Campus. This generic document viewer integration is available for all other third-party applications (eg other student information systems, dashboards and toolbars) to integrate student program documents from SameGoal within their applications.

How it works link

  • Each night, SameGoal analyzes the documents in your district's SameGoal database and writes an epoch directory to your district SFTP account at /download/docviewer/epoch
  • Each epoch directory contains two files: documents.csv, COMPLETE
  • documents.csv has the following columns:
    • Student Id - Student Id number for student from student information system
    • Form - Document form name
    • Start Date - Document start date
    • End Date - Document end date, explicit or implied
    • URL - Web address to document on containing an encrypted token
  • documents.csv contains one row for
    • Each complete document that is…
    • Currently active (today is within the start and end dates of the document) and...
    • Document is written in form type of interest and...
    • Student is non-deleted in SameGoal.
    • When clicked, the URL displays the document in a document viewer web page for easy viewing.

directions_walk STEPS

To use the generic document viewer integration with a third-party application:

  • Email to request to enable the generic document viewer integration.
  • Setup a nightly batch process to connect to your district SFTP account.
  • Download the most recent epoch directory located under /download/docviewer/
  • Process the epoch directory
    • Check epoch includes COMPLETE file to indicate epoch generation completed fully.
    • For each row in documents.csv, write the URL to an appropriate location in the third-party application (eg to a database row for the student, or to a specic disk location to be read from by the third-party application, etc).
  • Considerations:
    • Use the access controls/security framework of your third-party application to grant/restrict access to each document viewer URL.
    • Some documents may be appropriate for your third-party application, others may not. Your consumer process may skip any rows in documents.csv