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PdfExtract is a tool developed by SameGoal to facilitate automated PDF extractions from third-party systems.

directions_walk Steps

To use PdfExtract:

  1. Download the program below for your architecture onto a local computer with network access to the running third-party database.

  2. Move the downloaded program to a location of your choosing. For example, on Windows:

    • C:\Users\jdoe\Desktop\pdfextract.exe
  3. Prepare to run the program. For example, on Windows:

    • Visit the Start menu and search for "cmd". Right-click the top result for a Command Prompt. Choose "Run as administrator".
    • Change directory into the folder containing pdfextract.exe (eg cd C:\Users\jdoe\Desktop).
  4. Run the program from the command line. It requires two flags:

    • dir - The directory exported PDFs should be saved to
    • conn - An SQL connection string for the database. Eg: Server=jdoe-pc;Port=1433;;User Id=jdoe;Password=foobarbaz;encrypt=disable
  5. Upload a zip archive of extracted PDFs to SameGoal's servers via SFTP for bulk automated PDF renaming and import.

lightbulb Tip
PdfExtract extracts as many PDFs as possible. However, only supported PDFs will be imported.

lightbulb Tip
If the system you are extracting from requires that you finalize PDFs or tasks in order to mark documents complete, only these PDFs will be extracted in order to prevent importing partially completed documents.