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During the implementation process, PDF documents from your previous system may be imported in bulk. In order to load PDF documents, they must first be extracted from your previous system, then transferred securely to your district SFTP account. Depending on the previous system vendor, SameGoal may have streamlined processes for assisting with these steps. Your Implementation Specialist will outline these if applicable. SameGoal has the ability to import:

  • IEP PDFs (with key fields from PDF extracted)
  • ETR PDFs (with key fields from PDF extracted)
  • Any other PDF document which will be classified as an "Upload" document

We encourage districts to take time to consider whether or not to import old documents. While importing documents from previous systems can add assurance, if data problems existed in the old system they will now propagate forward.

directions_walk STEPS

Name files link

Files must be named according to the convention expected by the SameGoal loader.

  • IEP Convention: SisRecordId_LastName_FirstName_MeetingDate_EffectiveDateFrom_EffectiveDateTo_NextIepDate_IEP.pdf
  • ETR Convention: SisRecordId_LastName_FirstName_MeetingDate_LastEtrDate_ReferralDate_ConsentDate_ETR.pdf
  • Dates must be formatted as MM-DD-YYYY. Example: 38273837_Smith_Bill_03-11-2011_03-11-2011_03-10-2012_03-11-1993_IEP.pdf
  • The loader expects ALL naming arguments (8 total for both IEPs & ETRs) separated by underscores (7 total).
  • If SISRecordId, LastName, or FirstName is blank, you must still use the surrounding underscores. For example, if SISRecordId and FirstName is unknown or blank, the following is appropriate (note the 2 consecutive underscores between Smith and 03-11-2011, since no first name provided): _Smith__03-11-2011_03-11-2011_03-10-2012_03-11-1993_IEP.pdf
  • If a date is blank, you may use the same convention as above, leaving out the information but keeping in the underscores. For example, if MeetingDate and EffectiveDateFrom are unknown, the following is acceptable (note the 3 consective underscores between Andrew and 03-10-2012): 38273837_Smith_Bill___03-10-2012_03-11-1993_IEP.pdf
  • For easier readability, two dashes may instead be used to signify empty dates. In other words, the following is also acceptable: 38273837_Smith_Bill_--_--_03-10-2012_03-11-1993_IEP.pdf

Zip your files link

  • The SameGoal loader expects a single zipped folder.
  • If you are using a graphical tool to zip files, select each PDF to be included in the zip. If all PDFs are currently in one folder, use CTRL + A to select all files in the folder. Last, compress all files into one zipped archive. On Windows, this is done by right clicking the selected PDF files and choosing Send to... Compressed (zipped) folder.

Upload your ZIP link

  • Every district has an SFTP account on SameGoal servers. After you've configured and connected to your SFTP account, upload your zip file to the /upload/ directory.
  • Once you have finished, email to let our technical team know the files have been uploaded. Without notification, these data files may be ignored or deleted.