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During implementation, PDFs from your prior system may be imported into SameGoal.

PDF Import goals, non-goals and requirements link

PDF imports are provided to allow staff access to historic documents authored in your previous system even after converting to SameGoal. Imported PDFs are not used to bootstrap program participation, deadlines or reports. To bootstrap your SameGoal environment in year one, use the Data Import tool in addition to the PDF Import tool.

The PDF Import tool associates documents by attaching the documents to existing student records in SameGoal. Because this tool does not create student records, either run a demographics integration or use the Bulk Loader to create student records prior to import.

Extract PDFs from your prior system link

lightbulb Tip
To ensure that the directory being uploaded into an environment is for the desired district, the top directory must be the district's SameGoal domain (eg When initiating a new import, the district's domain will be listed at the top in the blue bar.

PDFs that are associated link

Bulk PDF imports are provided to help districts bootstrap their new SameGoal environment in year one. SameGoal PDF import tool associates an unlimited number of documents per student going back arbitrarily many years. All form types are imported.

PDFs that are not associated link

The most common reasons a PDF is not associated to a student record include:

Import PDFs into SameGoal link

The PDF Import Tool bulk imports PDFs in 2 stages. It is used to migrate PDFs from a prior system when transitioning to SameGoal.

To bulk import PDFs:

  1. Login to SameGoal as an administrator.
  2. Visit Settings (left menu) > PDF Import Tool.
  3. Click the New PDF Import button.
  4. Select the folder on your local computer that contains PDFs from your prior system below.
    • Once a folder is selected, the tool will automatically begin uploading the PDFs to SameGoal servers (Stage 1: Upload)
    • A progress table will show the upload status of each document.
    • While PDFs are being uploaded, do not interrupt the process (eg close the tab, close the browser, hit the back button, log out of SameGoal, etc). Doing so will interrupt this stage and require you to restart.
  5. A summary of the number of uploaded documents for processing and any upload errors will appear on screen after Stage 1 is complete.
  6. Once PDFs have been uploaded to SameGoal servers, they are automatically inspected and associated with the corresponding student in SameGoal when possible (Stage 2: Associate). Because this phase happens server-side, you may close the tab, browser, work on something else in SameGoal or even log out while PDFs are being associated.
  7. Once Stage 2 is complete, you will receive a notification email with a link to review results. Follow this link to see a summary report.

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This tool may be re-run multiple times for any folder. PDFs that have already been associated will not be re-associated.

Reviewing import link

After the PDF Import tool is run, review the report to ensure all of the desired PDFs were associated to the correct student record. SameGoal does not store PDFs which were not associated with a student record. It is the responsibility of the district to save and store these documents. To view the results of a PDF import: