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Districts use PowerSchool custom page management to streamline demographics integration.

directions_walk Steps

To setup the SameGoal demographics integration for PowerSchool:

  1. Download custom pages
  2. Install custom pages
  3. Create a SameGoal PowerSchool account
  4. Enter PowerSchool information in SameGoal
  5. Test
  6. Large result sets

lightbulb Tip
You will need access to a PowerSchool Administrator and Systems Administrator account to setup this integration.

1. Download custom pages link

Download the default custom page files below. Right click each link, choose Save as..., then save each file to a location of your choosing.

2. Install custom pages link

Login to your PowerSchool Systems Administrator account.

3. Create a SameGoal PowerSchool account link

SameGoal uses an account with minimal access privileges to automatically log into PowerSchool nightly and retrieve a fresh copy of basic demographic information generated via these custom pages.

Login to your PowerSchool Administrator account.

(a) Create samegoal group

(b) Create samegoal user account

(c) Grant samegoal account access to custom pages

Modify your URL bar to visit: https://{{your-powerschool-host}}/admin/functions/students.powerschool.html

Repeat steps for: https://{{your-powerschool-host}}/admin/functions/uc_guardians.powerschool.html

lightbulb Tip
Custom page may take a long time to load.

lightbulb Tip
If the Modify access privileges for this page link does not display, changes to Access to Page Permissions in (a) may not have had time to propagate. Recheck this access permission was set to On and/or wait for it to take effect.

4. Enter PowerSchool information in SameGoal link

If you do not have a SameGoal admin account, email tier2help@samegoal.com the following information:

If you have a SameGoal admin account:

lightbulb Tip
Only encrypted (HTTPS/SSL) admin URLs are allowed.

5. Test link

lightbulb Tip
It may take up to 24 hours after PowerSchool information has been entered in SameGoal for the demographics integration to run (and for students/guardians to appear in the SameGoal web interface). If you would like to trigger a faster run for the purposes of debugging, email tier2help@samegoal.com.

Expected results: After the integration has run successfully, student and parent demographics of enrolled students will populate SameGoal. After the integration has run successfully at least once, ask your staff or tier2help@samegoal.com to inspect a handful of students in SameGoal.

If the integration does not succeed:

6. Large result sets link

The default custom pages used in the PowerSchool demographics integration are: