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directions_walk STEPS

You will need access to a PowerSchool Administrator and Systems Administrator account.

1. Download custom pages link

Download the default custom page files below. Right click each link, choose Save as..., then save each file to a location of your choosing.

These files may be further customized for your specific PowerSchool instance in step 6.

2. Install custom pages link

Login to your PowerSchool Systems Administrator account.

  • In the left menu, visit Custom Pages.
  • In the Site Structure pane, expand admin then functions.
  • Click the +Add button at the bottom of the Site Structure pane. Choose + Upload File.
  • Click Choose File. Browse to select students.powerschool.html. Click Submit.
  • Select students.powerschool.html in the Site Structure pane. In the Customized Page pane, click Publish.
  • Repeat these steps for guardians.powerschool.html.

3. Create a SameGoal PowerSchool account link

SameGoal uses an account with minimal access privileges to automatically log into PowerSchool nightly and retrieve a fresh copy of basic demographic information generated via these custom pages.

Login to your PowerSchool Administrator account.

(a) Create samegoal group

  • In the left menu, visit System.
  • On the System Administrator page, visit Security.
  • Visit Access to Page Permissions.
    • In the Turn modify permissions dropdown, select On. Click Submit.
    • You will be redirected to the Security page.
  • On the Security page, visit Groups. Click the Add Groups button in the top right. This page is optimized for adding multiple groups, but we only require one. Enter
    • Number of groups to add: 1
    • Prefix group names with: samegoal
    • Group name preview will show group name of samegoal with a number (we will change later). Click Submit.
    • You will be redirected to the Groups page.
  • On the Groups page, use the Filter to search for the group you added. When located, click it.
  • On the Edit Group page, set
    • Group Name: samegoal (remove numbers)
    • Access Level: No Access
    • Can Modify Schedules: No, not at all
    • Uncheck any other options or set them to No Access on this page.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

(b) Create samegoal user account

  • In the left menu, visit New Staff Entry.
  • On the New Staff Member page, enter
    • Name (Last): goal
    • Name (First): same
    • ID: samegoal
    • Click Submit.
  • Click goal, same user account.
  • In the left menu, visit Security Settings
  • Visit the Admin Access and Roles tab.
    • Sign in to Administrative Portion of PowerSchool: check
    • Admin Username: enter username of your choosing
    • Admin Password: enter password of your choosing
    • Default Group: samegoal
    • Roles and Schools: add Home School and District Office
    • Click Submit.

(c) Grant samegoal account access to custom pages

Modify your URL bar to visit: https://<your-powerschool-host>/admin/functions/students.powerschool.html

  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Click the Modify access privileges for this page link.
  • Find the samegoal group and select View-only.
  • Click Submit.

Repeat steps for: https://<your-powerschool-host>/admin/functions/guardians.powerschool.html

lightbulb_outline TIP
Custom page may take a long time to load.

lightbulb_outline TIP
If the Modify access privileges for this page link does not display, changes to Access to Page Permissions in (A) may not have had time to propagate. Recheck this access permission was set to On and/or wait for it to take effect.

4. Enter PowerSchool information in SameGoal link

If you DO NOT have a SameGoal admin account, email the following information:

  • Admin URL: URL of your district Powerschool Administrator instance (eg:
  • SameGoal Username: username from previous step
  • SameGoal Password: password from previous step

If you DO have a SameGoal admin account:

  • Login to SameGoal using an admin account.
  • Navigate to Settings > District Information > Details.
  • Under PowerSchool Demographics Integration, enter the above information.
  • Click the Save button.

lightbulb_outline TIP
Only encrypted (HTTPS/SSL) admin URLs are allowed.

5. Test link

lightbulb_outline TIP
It may take up to 24 hours after PowerSchool information has been entered in SameGoal for the demographics integration to run (and for students/guardians to appear in the SameGoal web interface). If you would like to trigger a faster run for the purposes of debugging, email

Expected Result: After the integration has run successfully, student and parent demographics of enrolled students will populate SameGoal. After the integration has run successfully at least once, ask your staff or to inspect a handful of students in SameGoal. If some fields do not come across, you might consider modifying the default custom pages to include fields your district has extended.

If the integration does not succeed:

  • Verify you can login using the Admin URL, username and password entered in SameGoal.
  • While logged in, verify you can visit both URLs below. Each page should generate demographic information without error:
    • https://<your-powerschool-host>/admin/functions/students.powerschool.html
    • https://<your-powerschool-host>/admin/functions/guardians.powerschool.html
  • If either page cannot be accessed, recheck Step 3 (especially 3C) was completed.
  • If either page can be accessed, but the page generates an error (and you modified that custom page from the default) there is likely an issue with your syntax in the custom page.
  • If none of the above points to the source of the error, the issue may be data-specific. Contact for assistance debugging.

6. Customize custom pages link

The default custom pages used in the PowerSchool demographics integration are:

Most often, the default students.powerschool.html file requires no (or few) updates. However, guardians.powerschool.html often requires significant updates to capture your district-specific guardian information, since PowerSchool does not have standard fields for all guardian demographic elements. These files may be updated by hand if you have basic knowledge of SQL. However, the tool below may be used to more easily generate an updated guardians file:

To use the tool above:

(a) Identify the fields in PowerSchool that should be used in the integration. One way to do so:

  • Search for a student while logged in with a PowerSchool Administrator account.
  • Visit a page for the student where you typically add/update demographic information. For example, most districts store guardian information in the screens found by visiting Custom Screens > Parent Information, Parents or Demographics in the left menu for a given student.
  • Use your web browser's developer tools to inspect the input element for each field you wish to include in the integration. For example, in Chrome:

    • Type CTRL+SHIFT+I or right-click the PowerSchool page and choose Inspect to open Chrome developer tools. Visit the Elements tab.
    • Click the left-most icon in the top bar of developer tools. The icon looks like a box with a mouse clicking into it. When you hover over the icon, the hover text shows Select an element in the page to inspect it.
    • Click into a field in PowerSchool you wish to include in the integration. In developer tools, you should see highlighted HTML, eg <input type="text" ...
    • Identify the name attribute for this input.

      • If the name attribute contains dashes, field name is the last hyphenated segment.

        • Example (Field name: U_StudentsUserFields.cnt1_zip): <input type="text" name="EF-00110632-U_StudentsUserFields.cnt1_zip" value="43228" size="5" data-validation="{"maxlength":"4000", "type":"text","key":"students.u_studentsuserfields.cnt1_zip" class="psTextWidget unvalidated" maxlength="4000">
        • Example (Field name: U_Students_Parents_Info.cnt1_street): <input type="text" name="EF-001851-U_Students_Parents_Info.cnt1_street" value="5050 W. Demo Ave." size="30" id="pstreet" data-validation="{"maxlength":"4000","type":"text","key":"students.u_def_ext_students1.cnt1_street"}" data-key="students.u_def_ext_students1.cnt1_street" class="psTextWidget unvalidated" maxlength="4000">Custom Guardian Dash
      • If the name attribute does not contain dashes, field name is the key attribute.

        • Example (Field name: students.dob): <input type="text" data-validation="{"type":"date","key":"students.dob"}" id="fieldDOB" name="DOB" value="" size="10" data-key="students.dob" class="psDateWidget unvalidated hasDatepicker" placeholder="MM/DD/YYYY">
        • Example (Field name: students.studentcorefields.guardian_ln): <input type="text" name="GuardianLastName_t" data-validation="{"maxlength":"4000","type":"text","key":"students.studentcorefields.guardian_ln"}" data-key="students.studentcorefields.guardian_ln" class="psTextWidget unvalidated" maxlength="4000">Custom Guardian No Dash
      • lightbulb_outline TIP
        Field name must include at least one period.

      • lightbulb_outline TIP
        Field name must not include dashes/hyphens.

      • lightbulb_outline TIP
        Field name is not case sensitive.

    • Identify the field name for each field you wish to include in the integration. Enter these into the custom file geneneration tool. Then click the Generate button, which will download a custom guardians.powerschool.html file to your local computer.

(b) Install the updated custom page file in PowerSchool:

  • Login to PowerSchool using a Systems Administrator account.
  • In the left menu, visit Custom Pages.
  • In the Site Structure pane, expand admin > functions. Select the custom page.
  • Update the custom page. Click Submit, then Publish.

(c) Verify the updated custom page now results in correct demographics. To do so, visit the custom page in your PowerSchool Administrative account:

  • https://<your-powerschool-host>/admin/functions/guardians.powerschool.html
  • https://<your-powerschool-host>/admin/functions/students.powerschool.html

A CSV (comma-separated value) file should generate without errors at the above web addresses and display in your browser. Verify the CSV generated matches your expectations. If it does not, repeat the above steps. The next time the demographics integration runs automatically from SameGoal's servers, it will pull the information displayed.