Create a New Document

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You may create a document for any student you have access to, using any form you have access to. Your access to forms and students is set at an administrative level in your organization.

directions_walk Steps

  1. Click Students / create new in the left menu.
  2. Search for the student you wish to create a document for.
  3. Click the student name.
  4. You will land on the Documents tab for the student. You will see any documents you have access to.
  5. Click the Create new ... dropdown and select the form you would like to create.
  6. Click the Create button.
  7. You will automatically be redirected to the new document.

lightbulb Tip
Only one document for each type of main form (IEP, ETR, Progress Report) may be incomplete for a given student at a given time. For example, if an IEP is incomplete for Billy, another IEP cannot be started for him until the current one is marked complete. If you try to create a new IEP for Billy, you will see a message stating there is already an incomplete document using the form. Depending on your access to documents for this student, you may or may not be able to see the incomplete document. If you require access to the document already in progress, please contact the teacher of record (who is most likely the document owner) or your administrator.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Start a new IEP for a student (Note: if there is already an incomplete one started for the student, you will not be able to start a new one unless it has been marked complete. Either mark it as complete or choose a different student).
  2. Start another new document for a student (eg. parent invitation).