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We recommend all students in the district are entered in SameGoal, so that as students are newly evaluated for eligibility, they are already in the system.

Nearly all districts use student/parent demographics integrations, so that all students are entered and updated automatically. This reduces manual entry and errors, since demographics information then flows and pre-fill documents as they are created throughout the system.

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To search for a student:

  1. Visit Students/create new in the left menu.
  2. Enter the student's last name, first name and/or Student Id (local student number from your district student information system (SIS)). By default, all non-deleted students with an "active" district enrollment status will be returned in search results.
    • Each child's Student Id is found in parentheses next to their name.
    • If the child is participating in a Special Program, a program participation badge will appear next to their name for each program they are participating in.
  3. To see the student's information, click their name in the search results. You will land by default on the student's Documents tab.

Inactive students: When students leave the district (transition to an inactive district enrollment status), all documents remain as-is for the student. However the student will not appear in the student results list by default. To include an inactive student in search results, check the "Include inactive" checkbox.

Deleted students: There are very few cases when a student should be deleted. However, when students are deleted, all documents remain as-is for them - though they do not appear in the student results list by default.

Students participating in certain programs: To find students with a program participation status of "Eligibility review" or "Participating" in a specific Special Program, select the Special Program from the dropdown.

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Student information is broken into the following tabs when you click into a student:

lightbulb Tip
Until you have access to at least one document for a given student, you will only see their (empty) Documents tab, and no program participation badges, so as to not display information for students you do not yet have an educational interest in. At the point you have access to at least one document for the student (e.g. a document is shared with you or you create a new document for that student), you will then see their other tabs as well as their program participation badges. However, the student's Basics tab will still not be visible as it is only available to admins.