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Documents may be deleted if created unnecessarily in the program. Only the document owner or an administrative user may delete a document.

directions_walk Steps

  1. Visit Caseload or All to find the document(s) you wish to delete.
  2. Check the document(s) you wish to delete (in the box to the left of the document name).
  3. Locate the Actions menu button along the top. Select Delete from the menu.
  4. A strikethrough will appear through the document name(s) in the list.
  5. The next time you navigate to the list, the deleted document(s) will no longer appear.

lightbulb Tip
When documents are deleted, they are also automatically marked as complete so that other documents of that form type may subsequently be authored for the student. Once a document has been deleted, it can be undeleted by the owner of the document or an administrative user.

assignment_turned_in Try it out

  1. Create a new progress report.
  2. Delete this progress report.