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Creating a strong password is essential to help secure and protect confidential data and your SameGoal account.

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When a user creates, changes, or resets a password, SameGoal checks the password against lists published online that have been found in a data breach.* During this process the passwords are encrypted, so they cannot be read by anyone, including SameGoal. If the password is found on any of the data breached lists, it cannot be used to log in to SameGoal.

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If you are having trouble thinking of or managing multiple passwords, you may consider using a trusted password manager. Most browsers have a default password manager built in, and paid options can be found as well.

* SameGoal has not been a part of any data breaches instead we are disallowing passwords which have been published online from other data breaches. To learn more about how data is handled in SameGoal, visit our Technical and Compliance Handbook.