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Progress Monitoring Charts

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Progress Monitoring Charts can be created in Progress Reports. The report shows target progression along with student scores to show a student's progress in reaching their goals, objectives, and/or benchmarks throughout the year.

To chart student progress:

  1. Visit the progress report you wish to add the progress monitoring chart to.
  2. Click the Progress Data tab.
  3. Under the goal field and/or the objective fields click on the add Chart button. A chart will appear with a legend for Target progression and Student scores.
  4. Enter the baseline information for Date and Score.
  5. Enter the target information for Date and Score. The chart will update on it's own and create the appropriate scale and timeline.
  6. As the year progresses, click the add Student score button to add the strategy being used, date, and student scores throughout the year. The progress will appear on the chart automatically when you complete and click out of those fields.