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Progress Reports may be created to report progress for any IEP. Progress reports copy in the information from the most recent, complete IEP. A progress report for a given IEP should be created AFTER the IEP has been marked complete.

directions_walk STEPS

To resolve common questions:

  • "I started the progress report before completing the IEP" - Mark the IEP complete. Visit the progress report. If there are any goals/objectives already in the report, use the X for each to remove all from the page. Click off to another student and come back to the document, or click the Update button at the top. The goals/objectives from the most recent, completed IEP will now copy in.
  • "The goals/objectives in the report are for an older IEP" - This is the same issue as that described above. Follow the same steps.
  • "It says that there is an incomplete document using this form. I don't see it." - This occurs if the student has a progress report that is still marked incomplete (unlocked). The document needs to be marked as complete (locked). If you do not see the document, most commonly the owner of that document did not share it. Please contact the document owner, our help desk, or an administrative user to share or complete the document.

To change number of reporting periods:

Progress reports are defaulted to 8 periods, but you can control how many periods are displayed when printing the document. To select the number of report periods you would like displayed when printed:

  1. Enter the progress report you would like printed.
  2. Click on the Progress Data tab.
  3. Click the printer icon dropdown menu on the top right under the username.
  4. Choose the number of reports you would like printed (eg. GRID(4 reports)). A preview will render, and you can download, print, or pop-out the report.

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Create a progress report for a student with a completed IEP.
  2. Pop-out a progress report with 2 reporting periods.
  3. Print a progress report with 7 reporting periods.