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To help teams stay connected while working remotely, we are extending this premium feature of SameGoal Plus to all customers through June 30, 2020.

Documents may be shared with parents/guardians for remote viewing and electronic signature. Some examples of when this may be useful include:

How It Works link

When a document is shared with a parent:

Remote Electronic Signatures for Parents/Guardians Only link

This feature should only be used to share documents with parents/guardians for the purposes of viewing and signing. The following is not supported:

directions_walk Steps

To share a document with a parent to view and sign:

  1. Visit the document you wish to share with a parent. Click the Share tab.
  2. Click the Share with Parent/Guardian button under Add Collaborator.
  3. Enter the required fields:
    • First name: Parent/guardian first name
    • Last name: Parent/guardian last name
    • Email: Parent/guardian email address
    • Permission: Select whether parent should have Can View & Sign or Can View access
  4. Click the Send button. The parent will be emailed document access and added to the Collaborative Team on the Share tab.

lightbulb Tip
When a document is shared with a guardian, the guardian retains access to the document until the document is marked complete. If a document is re-marked incomplete or amended, guardians do not have access to the new document draft until and unless the document is re-shared. The web interface of the Share tab also indicates when a guardian on the collaborative team does not have access to the most recent version of a document. To help guardians easily locate all versions of the document they have ever been granted access to, the email they receive includes links to ALL versions that have ever been shared with them.

To re-share a document with a guardian:

  1. Visit the document. Click the Share tab.
  2. Find the guardian in the Collaborative Team. Update the guardian's permission if needed.
  3. Check the Re-share checkbox and click Save. The parent will be re-emailed a link for document access.

To remove a parent from a document:

  1. Visit the document. Click the Share tab.
  2. Find the parent in the Collaborative Team. Change the permission dropdown to Remove and click the Save button.