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Once all information has been entered into a document and all necessary meetings (if any) have been completed, the document should be marked complete in the program.

Documents that are marked complete: * Become read-only * Can be amended by the owner or reset to incomplete by an administrative user * Can be copied to create a new document * May still have attachments added (e.g. signed signature pages)

Documents that are left incomplete: * Are vulnerable to changes after parent meetings * Prevent new documents of the same form type from being created * Prevent goal/objective copy over to progress reports * Are not included in calculations for program participation tracking, deadlines, or state reporting

Only the document Owner (or an administrative user) may complete a document. If you do not have access to complete a given document, a checkbox will not be visible next to the document. You can view who the Owner of the document is on the Share tab along the top.

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To mark a document complete:

  1. Visit Caseload or All to find the document(s) you wish to complete.
  2. Check the document(s) you wish to complete.
  3. Locate the Actions menu button along the top. Select Complete from the menu.
  4. A lock icon will appear next to the document or documents that have been completed. This indicates the document is locked from editing (read-only).
  5. You can also click on the lock icon within a document and select Complete to mark it complete.

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