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Ohio Form and Report Updates

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Ohio Form and Report Updates
August, 7 2023

There are many new and exciting updates for Ohio including English Learners updates, Advanced Learners updates, new testing reports, and new service capture forms.

lightbulb Tip
With the addition of new forms, administrative users will need to update user role permissions in order for the forms to be accessible to users.

English Learners link

We’ve added several new English Learners forms for Ohio and have updated deadlines and program participation tracking to accommodate the new forms. Additionally, we have a new Program Deadlines support page with information regarding English Learners deadlines workflows.

The new English Learners forms are:

lightbulb Tip
English Learner deadlines are optimally calculated using information from school calendars but can be calculated without. If a district chooses to use school calendars, they must be kept up to date (at minimum a start and end date for the current and next academic years.) If districts opt to not use school calendars for this purpose, all school calendars must be left blank. School calendars can be added and modified by Admin under Settings > DistrictInformation > School Calendars.

Advanced Learners link

We’ve made similar updates for Advanced Learners including new Accelerated and Gifted forms and updated deadlines and program participation tracking.

The new Accelerated Learners forms are:

The new Gifted Learners forms are:

Testing reports link

Admins can now run a TestHound report which can be found under Reports > Testing Coordination.

This report pulls state testing accommodation information from Section 12 of IEPs, Section 3 of Services Plans, and Section 3 of Section 504: Plans. This information is then sent to TestHound nightly.

Service capture link

Lastly, we’ve created two new service capture forms to help service providers and instructors to log visits with students and track their progress over time. These forms automatically pull in relevant information from the most recent IEP.

The two new forms are:

In the future, we’ll also be rolling out new reports for service capture.