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Plus Early Release

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On 05/25/2020, SameGoal will release several Plus Edition features early to districts who have already upgraded to SameGoal Plus for the 20/21 school year:

  • 100MB limit of attachments per document - Users may add more and larger attachments to documents.

  • In-application report filtering and sorting - Admin users may filter and sort reports directly in the web interface (instead of needing to first download to Excel). Filtering and sorting tools are available from a new dropdown arrow in each report column.

  • Topaz Signature Pad Support - Districts may capture document signatures electronically during meetings using Topaz e-signature pads. SameGoal detects when a Topaz e-signature pad is connected, and walks through the “Adopt and Sign” process on the pad when a signature field is clicked.

  • Document Version History - A Version History panel is available from the document toolbar (clock icon). Admin users and document owners may use this panel to view when main document actions occurred (document was created, deleted, undeleted, completed, incompleted or amended) and how the document appeared at each change. For example, easily view and compare different versions of an IEP (original, amendment 1, amendment 2, etc). Version history will be extended to show additional document changes (eg field edits) in coming weeks.

  • Remote Electronic Parent Signatures - Updates to this previously released Plus Edition feature include:

    • Parent/Guardian share dialog - After clicking the “Share with Parent/Guardian” button, users may choose between two parent permission options prior to sending access (Can View & Sign and Can View).

    • Parent/Guardian email update - When a document is shared with a guardian, the guardian retains access to the document until the document is marked complete. If a document is re-marked incomplete or amended, parents/guardians do not have access to the new document draft until and unless the document is re-shared. To help guardians easily locate all versions of the document they have ever been granted access to, the email they receive will now include links to ALL versions that have ever been shared with them.

    • Re-sharing documents - The web interface of the Share tab will now indicate when a guardian on the collaborative team does not have access to the most recent version of a document. It also includes tools to easily re-share the document and/or resend the parent/guardian email.