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Texas Form Updates
September 14, 2023

Recently, we’ve added several new forms in Texas and we’ve made many exciting changes to existing forms.

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The forms below have been added to all Texas environments. Administrative users have access to all documents, but non-administrative users only have access to documents they are granted access to via their user roles. With the addition of new forms, administrative users will need to update user role permissions in order for the forms to be accessible to users. If you think your district may not use a new form at all, you can delete the form from all menus.

Services Plan: This form can be used for students who are parentally placed in private school who receive Special Education. These services can be provided without an IEP through the use of the Services Plan.

Individualized Family Service Plan: This document is specifically for providing Special Education services to children ages 0 to 2 for Early Childhood Interventions. If an outside agency rather than your district implements the Individualized Family Service Plan, you may choose to document a few key elements of the agency's IFSP in this form, then attach a copy of the IFSP provided by the agency for reference. To enter only key information, check the State Reporting Only checkbox in the top right of the cover page, which limits validation checks to key data.

Section 504 Progress Report: This progress report allows staff to narratively document progress, or chart it. This is especially helpful to use for students receiving dyslexia services under a 504 plan.

Updates to existing forms link

Ability to amend additional forms: Formal amendments can now be made to:

TSDS/PEIMS at a Glance: Based on district feedback, this additional view of the Individualized Education Program, Services Plan, and Transfer Student Comparable Services Agreement has now been updated to include whether a student has personal care services, nursing, or a BIP, as well as the student’s last FIE date and their campus.

New IEP additional view for DNQ: In a situation where a student does not qualify for services, there is a new Eligibility Information additional view that can be used for printing. This view only includes information from the cover and sections 1, 2, 14, and 15.

Behavior tracking in the IEP Progress Report: The IEP Progress Report is used to document formal progress reporting for IEP goals/objectives. A new tab for Behavior has been added that allows staff to track a student’s progress toward behavior goals documented in the IEP’s BIP.

Additional fields are now bankable in the Notice of ARD Committee Meeting: Previously, the contact information fields in this form did not have user banks enabled. Based on district feedback, these fields now have banks enabled.

Links to Parent’s Guide to the ARD Process: Based on district feedback, a link to the Parent’s Guide the the ARD Process has now been added to:

Dyslexia Updates: