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Formal Amendments

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Formal amendments are only created on completed IEPs and Service Plans by each document owner or an administrative user.

If a correction is needed that DOES NOT require a formal amendment, mark the document incomplete. NOTE: Only administrative users are allowed to reset documents to incomplete in order to ensure administrative oversight.

To create a formal amendment:

  1. Click into the completed plan document you wish to amend (eg IEP, 504, RTI plan, etc).
  2. Click the lock icon in the toolbar and select Amend. This creates a formal amendment.
  3. Summarize changes to be made on the document's cover page in the amendments/revisions table by adding a row.
  4. Update the remainder of document to reflect these changes (eg add services, remove accommodations, etc).
  5. Add a signature page to the end of the document if a meeting was held.
  6. Re-mark this document complete.