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Amendments can only be created on completed IEPs and SPs by the document owners or an administrative user.

If a change is needed that does not require a formal amendment, mark the document incomplete. Only administrative users are allowed to reset documents to incomplete in order to ensure administrative oversight.

directions_walk STEPS

  1. Visit the completed IEP/SP you wish to amend.
  2. Click the blue Amend button in the blue bar along the top next to the student's name. This creates a formal amendment.
  4. Complete the amendment table at the bottom of the cover page by clicking add Amendment.
  5. Make the stated changes to the document.
  6. Re-mark this document complete.

lightbulb TIP
When an AIEP is marked complete, an AIEP event will be added to the document's EMIS at a Glance page.

lightbulb TIP
Districts use different processes for meeting dates and how content should be updated. Please reach out to an administrative user in your district to confirm your process.

assignment_turned_in TRY IT OUT

  1. Create an amendment using a completed IEP.
  2. Once the amendment is marked complete, view the EMIS at a Glance page.