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Infinite Campus State Reporting Integration

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The SameGoal/ Infinite Campus Flags and State Reporting integration allows districts to transfer key information from documents authored in SameGoal back into Infinite Campus.

  • Documents completed in SameGoal trigger automatic addition and removal of student program flags in Infinite Campus.
  • Data elements necessary for state reporting are extracted from completed documents in SameGoal and used to populate outline documents in Infinite Campus.
  • The district may perform all state reporting related to completed documents in SameGoal from within Infinite Campus.

Because state reporting requirements vary from state to state, and districts may customize Infinite Campus, integration data flow often varies slightly from integration to integration. SameGoal can work with district technical staff to help create an integration plan which outlines:

  • Involved Infinite Campus screens and fields.
  • Data flow from SameGoal to Infinite Campus.
  • Business logic requirements which must be enabled in SameGoal to support Infinite Campus application expectations.

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This integration uses samegoalintegrator, a program developed by SameGoal to facilitate automated ODBC-based integrations between SameGoal and any third-party system. Install samegoalintegrator, customizing the configuration and stored procedures files (config.xml and procedures.sql respectively) to support your district-specific integration plan between SameGoal and Infinite Campus.