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SameGoal collects data used for state reporting within documents themselves. This approach:

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If a state reporting field is not included in a state form, the field is embedded screen-only into the most relevant section of the most relevant document.

State reporting at a glance link

Forms that capture state reporting data include a "state reporting at-a-glance" alternate view in the print menu. This view surfaces key state reporting data from the document, and can be used to easily see how data from the document should be reflected in state reporting.

Some districts review and manually enter state reporting data into their student information system. Often in these cases, staff print this view and turn it into a secretary.

State reporting extracts link

State reporting data can also be extracted district-wide from completed documents in the state-published standard file format. These extracts can then be loaded into your state's state reporting system directly (typically via a web-based file upload or by moving the files to your district's state reporting SFTP account). The support and process for this varies by state.

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We recommend districts leverage state reporting extracts and load them directly into their state's state reporting system whenever possible (provided proper data review processes are in place).

State reporting data can also be transferred in other ways. Some examples include: