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Manage Your Caseload

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Starring/unstarring documents adds/removes documents from your Caseload.

Add documents link

To add documents to your caseload:

  1. Visit a document list page that shows the document you wish to star (eg All or Students/ create new).
  2. Star the document(s).
  3. Visit Caseload in the left menu. The document will now be visible in the caseload list (and will also continue to appear in your All list). If the student for this document was not previously listed in your My Students List, it will now appear.

lightbulb Tip
If you visit a student whom you know has documents, but you do not see them, it may be that the owner of the documents have not shared them with you (eg the previous case manager or current document owner). Contact the owner of the document or an administrative user to share the documents with you.

Remove documents link

To remove documents from your caseload:

  1. Unstar a starred document either from your Caseload page or by clicking the student's name in your My Students list.
  2. The document will no longer appear in your Caseload list. However, if you search for the document under All or by searching under the student, the document will still be accessible. It can be restarred at any time if needed.
  3. If the document that was unstarred was the last document you had starred for a given student, that student will now drop out of your My Students List

lightbulb Tip
If you are removing many students (eg clearing your caseload from a previous year) you can also search the name of the student from the Students/create new menu on the left menu. After clicking their name, you can unstar any remaining yellow starred documents. This will remove them from your Caseload list, as well as, your My Students List.