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September 11, 2019

Beginning 9/12/2019, document validation errors will link to the field that has an error preventing a document from being marked complete. This will help users save time and continue to assist with state compliance during documentation authoring.

When a user is validating a document, they will be able to click on the location link(s) on left side of the Check tab. If a user is attempting to mark a document containing errors complete, they will be able to click the location link(s) directly from the Validation Errors dialogue window. From either location, the user will be taken to the field that needs to be updated (eg IEP > Cover > Meeting Date). This field will be inside a red dashed box. Once the field has been updated, the error will no longer appear in the Check tab or Validation Error dialogue window. The user can then visit to the Check tab to satisfy the remaining errors in their document. Once all the errors have been satisfied, the user will be able to mark their document complete.