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Welcome Back to School 22/23

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Welcome Back to School 22/23
August 26, 2022

Welcome back to school! We hope your new year is starting off well.

  1. IEP Anywhere is now SameGoal. SameGoal, as a company, has been serving districts since 2008. IEP Anywhere was our original product name, since at inception the software was primarily used to author IEPs only. Over time, SameGoal has evolved to include additional programs beyond Special Education, including Section 504, Gifted Education, Advanced Learners, English Learners and K-4 Literacy. Going forward the product will be named "SameGoal" only so as to better reflect our more expansive Special Programs offering.

    To assist districts and ITCs who may still be using the name "IEP Anywhere" for their login page links, we've created a stylized district-specific login link that can be embedded within any webpage (blog post). The HTML code snippet can befound by clicking the "Link to this page" link in the bottom right of any district’s SameGoal login page. Learn more

  2. Recent new features and updates. In case you missed it, we released several new features and updates over the summer for users:

    • School Year Separators and Date Range Filter (Learn more): SameGoal stores all documents historically over time. As a result, document list pages often contain documents from multiple school years. We released a school year separator and date range filter to help improve usability and searchability of these list pages. Visit the blog post for more information.

    • Filtered Create New Menu (Learn more): When creating a new document for a student, users may see a long list of available form types based on their user permissions settings. With the new filtered Create New Menu, users are able to search for a specific form type allowing users to quickly find the desired form.

    • PowerSchool 22.7 Required Alert Integration Update (Learn more): PowerSchool’s recent 22.7 release updates the way Special Programs alerts may be integrated into PowerSchool. Districts that upgrade to the 22.7 release are no longer able to view existing alerts or the SameGoal document viewer from within PowerSchool until completing the steps described in the blog post. Instructions have also been updated on the integration support page.

    • OpenID Connect and Google SSO Support (Learn more): For some time, districts have had the ability to configure SameGoal to authenticate users against an OpenID Connect Identity Provider (IdP). Many districts use OpenID Connect (OIDC) to manage user authentication across a variety of district applications. Visit the updated support page for more information.

    • 1EdTech Certifications (Learn more): We are happy to announce that SameGoal now has active certifications for OneRoster 1.2, Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) V1.3 and Data Privacy. In addition, SameGoal is also a Standards First Pledge Signatory, pledging to make open standards the first and primary choice for education technology integrations. 1Edtech (formerly IMS Global) is a community of leaders across K-12, higher education, and corporate learning providing coordinated leadership that improves the edtech ecosystem for every learner. Products certified by 1EdTech are the best way to ensure all of your learning tools and content work together.

    • Skyward Integration (Learn more): SameGoal integrates with most student information systems, allowing the two systems to pass student information back and forth. We are happy to announce that we have a new streamlined integration setup with Skyward SMS 2.0. This streamlined integration allows districts that use Skyward as a SIS to add nightly demographic information, as well as set up alerts in Skyward to view documents authored in SameGoal. For more information, visit the Skyward integration technical guide.

    • New Support for State Content Standard Banks (Learn more): SameGoal now incorporates state content standards into a dropdown bank on IEP goal sections for users in states where state content standards have been made available in the machine-readable IMS Global Competencies and Academics Standards Exchange (CASE) Specification (eg Texas). When provided in this format, content standards are automatically included, updated and maintained within SameGoal. This ensures districts incorporate current content standards into IEP goals, even as the state changes them throughout the year. For districts using SameGoal in states that do not yet provide standards in this format, SameGoal will include those states’ content standards if/when they become available in the IMS Global CASE specification.