Review Your Toolkit

The tools and automations documentation systems for Special Programs make available vary significantly. Review your toolkit below to see its impact on district priorities and compare with SameGoal.

1. Autosave
Document edits are automatically saved every few seconds or each time you leave a field to prevent lost work.
2. Version History
All collaborators on a document easily see who modified what field, when and their changes to it.
3. Real-Time Collaborative Editing
We can work on the same document at the same time without losing work, and see each other's edits in real-time.
4. In-Application Chat
Staff use built-in chat to easily discuss upcoming meetings, student progress, parent communication, etc with other staff members while they work.
5. Robust Authoring Tools
We can easily format text, including adding tables, lists, highlighting, strikethrough and inline images.
6. Formatting Retained on Copy/Paste
Richly formatted information created in other programs like Word or Google Docs is retained when copied/pasted without requiring significant cleanup.
7. Intelligent Amendments
Each amendment 'continues' an existing document rather than creating a new document. Staff members and administrative reporting don't confuse/reference out-of-date or duplicate information.
8. Attachments
We can attach student work samples, outside agency information, etc to any individual document.
9. User Banks
Individual users can 'bank' their own frequently used text, which only they see and use, for any document field system wide.
10. District Banks
Program administrators can 'bank' text values and templates staff frequently use for any document field system wide, making it automatically available to all users.
11. Templates
Program administrators can set a 'default' district bank value to automatically prepopulate a structured outline/template for expected, compliant content for any textbox system wide.
12. Name/Gender Pronoun Substitution
When 'banked' text is inserted, student name and gender pronouns are automatically substituted.
13. Copy From Existing Documents
Our staff can create new documents starting from a copy of an older document for any student, updating only information which has changed.
14. WYSIWYG Interface
Our system uses a simple 'What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get' interface for writing documents. There's no complex screen/document crosswalk or draft/merge process that must be learned or navigated.
15. Linked Accounts
Related service providers that work with multiple districts can link their accounts to automatically display all user bank values entered in one environment across all environments that work with.

16. Embedded Content Guidance
Relevant state and federal content guidance is embedded within our document authoring screens for staff to quickly review and access while they work.
17. Real-Time Validation Checks
Staff are alerted to data entry errors document wide in real-time.
18. Validation Mode
Staff have a mode where they can easily jump from one error to the next in order to make corrections.
19. Inline State Reporting
Our state reporting data is captured within documents inline. State reporting and documentation is always 1-to-1, and cannot get out of sync.
20. Checks Include Both Document Fields & State Reporting
Checks include whether both document content and state reporting are complete and valid.
21. Checks Must Pass
Staff cannot mark documents complete until both document content and state reporting checks pass.
22. Deadline Calendar
Our system automatically generates document deadlines coming due based on state and federal requirements. These can be viewed on a built-in calendar.
23. Deadline Indicators & Notifications
Our system automatically detects and displays when documents are coming due. Staff receive proactive notifications.

24. Native Electronic Signatures
We can capture electronic signatures within any documents easily without an additional add-on.
25. Sign with Mouse, Trackpad or Touch
Our parents and staff can apply a hand-drawn signature electronically using many devices, including a phone with nothing but a data connection.
26. Topaz Signature Pad
We can capture signatures electronically during in-person meetings with a Topaz e-signature pad.
27. Remote Parent E-Signatures
Parents can easily apply their signature electronically to documents shared with them. Parents are not required to setup additional accounts or navigate complex portals.
28. Remote Parent Document Viewer
Parents accessing documents remotely during meetings can see team edits in real-time. Their screen automatically scrolls to edits in order to help them follow along.
29. Graphical Progress Reporting
We can communicate student progress graphically. Data plotted against a target progression quickly conveys whether a student is on track.
30. Automatic Translation
We can automatically translate forms, as well as form fields originally authored in English, to common languages.

31. Active Plans in Your SIS
General education staff can access full plan documentation automatically from our student information system.
32. Gened Staff Can Contribute Directly
We have enough controls in our system to feel comfortable granting general education staff access to contribute directly to evaluations, plans and progress reporting.

33. User-Friendly
New and ongoing software training needed is minimal. Staff rarely make mistakes about how information should be entered.
34. Support for All Users
All district users can contact and receive support from our software system's daily helpdesk.
35. Drill-Down Reports
We can go from each report result back to the document it originated from in one click.
36. Advanced Report Options
We have a set of pre-built, customizable reports available that meet our needs without additional configuration.
37. Import Demographics
Up-to-date student/parent demographics imported nightly from our student information system prefill documents.
38. Automatically Track Enrollment Status
Student enrollment status is automatially updated each night from our student information system. Data for students that have left the district is automatically excluded by default from administrative reports.
39. Automatically Track Program Participation & Deadlines
Key student participation information (program entry/exit dates, placement, etc) as well as upcoming document deadlines are automatically tracked within the system.
40. All Programs in One Place
All program documentation for our students is stored in a central application that integrates with our student information system.