Systematically support English Learners
SameGoal helps districts track English Learner program eligibility, placement and services year over year. Easily share English Learner plans with general education, and keep all staff in the loop.

Comprehensive form set

Comprehensive form set
Because English Learner programs address district obligations at the federal rather than state level, few states publish model EL forms to assist districts. SameGoal includes a comprehensive form set designed to help districts comply with federal civil rights obligations under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Document student goals and objectives
Establish annual goals and objectives for each student in an English Learner Plan. Store frequently used text for common areas, grade levels and courses in district and user-level banks.

Establish yearly goals
Track student progress

Track student progress
Document each student's progress toward meeting their English Learner Plan goals throughout the year in automatically generated progress reports. Monitor and address the efficacy of your district's plan for each student regularly.

Sign electronically
Capture any signature in SameGoal electronically using a mouse, trackpad, touch screen or Topaz electronic signature pad. Move all English Learner documentation from paper to centralized, comprehensive electronic records.
Manage with ease
Program administrators view English Learner documentation district-wide and leverage powerful administrative reports to quickly aggregate EL data. Automatic program participation and deadline tracking helps ensure expected documentation is completed regularly on a standardized timeline.
Unify documentation
Not uncommonly, EL students are also eligible to participate in Gifted Education, Special Education, Section 504 or K-4 Literacy. Using the SameGoal Suite, districts unify program documentation for all students and programs.

Top questions about SameGoal English Learners
What forms are included?
SameGoal includes a home language survey, notice of eligibility, English Learner Plan and automatically generated progress reports. Also included are forms for exit, post-exit monitoring, parent revocation of consent and a log of parent contact.
How does SameGoal fit into my district's Home Language Survey process?
Most districts use a home language survey at the time of enrollment. Survey results are recorded in the district's SIS. When a student's primary or home language is not English, districts enter brief home language survey information and initiate the English Learner documentation process in SameGoal.
Can I integrate SameGoal with my student information system?
Yes. SameGoal can be configured to import student/parent demographics from your SIS nightly and display completed English Learner Plans directly in your SIS for easy daily access by general education staff.

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