Robust Gifted Education management
SameGoal strengthens and streamlines your gifted education workflow, from referral through progress reporting. Simple collaboration and yearly plan management.

Increase equitable identification
Increase equitable identification
Standardize your gifted referral and evaluation process district-wide with comprehensive forms. Help ensure students historically underrepresented in gifted education are evaluated.
Establish yearly student goals
Document annual goals and objectives for each student in an Advanced Learner Plan. Store frequently used text for common areas, grade levels and courses in district and user-level banks.
Establish yearly goals
Track student progress
Track student progress
Document student progress toward gifted education goals in automatically generated progress reports. Monitor and address how your district's program is meeting the needs of each high-ability/high-potential student.
Manage with ease
Gifted education administrators view gifted documentation district-wide and leverage powerful administrative reports to quickly aggregate gifted education data. Automatic program participation and deadline tracking helps ensure expected documentation is completed regularly on a standardized timeline.
Sign electronically
Capture any signature in SameGoal electronically using a mouse, trackpad, touch screen or Topaz electronic signature pad. Move all gifted education documentation from paper to centralized, comprehensive electronic records.
Unify documentation
A major emphasis of the Jacob Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act is identifying and serving students traditionally underrepresented in G&T programs, including English language learners and students with disabilities. By using SameGoal Advanced Learners in tandem with SameGoal Special Education, SameGoal Section 504 and SameGoal English Learners, districts unify documentation for students participating other programs besides gifted education.

Top questions about SameGoal Advanced Learners
What forms are included?
Evaluation includes forms for referral, consent, evaluation and eligibility determination. Student goals are captured in an advanced learner plan, and progress is documented in automatically generated progress reports. Parent communcation includes notices for meetings, eligibility/ineligibility and prior written notice. Additional forms include acceleration plans, parental revocation of consent and a log of parent contact.
How does SameGoal fit into my district's screening process?
Districts often screen all children for giftedness, sometimes several times a year. Screener scores are commonly analyzed, then saved or uploaded to the district's SIS. When a screener flags a student for consideration, districts create a referral based on this event and initiate the gifted education documentation process in SameGoal.
How does SameGoal help state reporting?
Yearly reporting for gifted education varies by state, but in most focus on reporting whether each student has been identified and their area(s) of identification. SameGoal's administrative data extracts assist gifted education program coordinators in reporting and verification.

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