Turn-key Section 504 management
SameGoal provides a centralized, compliance-focused 504 documentation system with simple year-over-year management. Help your district meet federal civil rights obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Comprehensive forms
Comprehensive forms
Because Section 504 addresses district obligations at the federal rather than state level, few states publish 504 forms and guidance to assist districts. SameGoal includes a comprehensive form set designed to help districts comply with their federal civil rights obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
Real-time compliance checks
View and resolve missing, inconsistent and non-compliant document data in real-time. Prevent documents from being completed until all checks pass.
Real-time compliance checks
Store text and templates
Store text and templates
Store frequently used text and templates for common impairments at both district and user levels. Save time by clicking to insert rather than re-writing each time, and promote consistency of considerations.
Simplify communication with general education staff
Most widely used student information systems can be configured to display completed 504 plans directly in your student information system. Help ensure general education staff are aware of accommodations students are federally entitled to received under Section 504.
Streamline parent communication
Share documents with parents electronically for them to view and sign. Eliminate the time and cost of mailing parents paper documents to physically sign and mail back when meetings are held over the phone or online. Includes digital draft watermark when a document is shared prior to being completed. Works on laptops, tablets and phones.
Unify Section 504 and Special Education documentation
Not uncommonly, students evaluated under 504 are ultimately found to instead to be eligible for special education - and vice versa. Use SameGoal Section 504 in tandem with SameGoal Special Education to unify documentation for both district obligations in a single, centralized system.

Top questions about SameGoal Section 504
What forms are included?
Evaluation includes forms for referral, consent, parent input, staff input, evaluation summary and eligibility determination. Section 504 accommodations are detailed in a 504 plan. Parent communcation includes notices for parent/student rights, eligibility/ineligibility and 504 team meetings. Additional forms address manifestation determination review, parental revocation of consent and a log of parent contact.
How do I manage and oversee our district's Section 504 services and compliance?
Program administrators view 504 documents district-wide and leverage powerful administrative reports to quickly aggregate data around district 504 services. Automatic program participation and deadline tracking helps administrators ensure compliant documentation is completed on time.
What are SameGoal's system requirements?
SameGoal is a web application that supports the current and previous version at any given time of all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Work from any device that runs these browsers, including laptops, tablets and phones.

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