Common questions when considering SameGoal
Can we do a pilot?
Yes. Districts use SameGoal free for 90 days.

What does our license start and end?
The standard license term is July 1st through June 30th annually. Districts starting mid-year pay a pro-rated amount of the annual license term.

Can we use custom forms?
No. SameGoal provides a single, standard form set in each state. This drives a single, aligned companion suite of reporting and compliance tools.

How long has SameGoal been serving districts?
SameGoal has served districts since 2008 with an annual 98%+ license renewal rate. Many customers have changed their student information system, some multiple times, since they first started using SameGoal.

Who owns SameGoal?
Many education companies are owned by private equity firms. Growth is fueled primarily through acquisition, resulting in "integrated solutions" that are often the sum of duct-taped siloed solutions receiving little development. SameGoal is a privately held company not beholdent to outside funding, focused on adoption through advancing technology, with a long-term commitment towards improving education.