Early literacy management, from A to Z
SameGoal helps districts systematize literacy improvement plans and services designed to help students read on grade level. Notify parents, report progress and capture electronic signatures.

US Reading Laws
Early intervention and prevention
At least 26 states have third grade reading laws to improve early literacy outcomes through a variety of approaches involving prevention, intervention and retention. SameGoal includes a comprehensive form set designed to help districts manage K-4 literacy programs.
Document strategies and monitor progress
Plan and document intervention strategies in detail. Capture and track student progress regularly throughout the school year.
Document strategies and monitor progress
Inform and engage parents
Inform and engage parents
Share documents with parents to view and sign documents electronically - including plans, progress reports and notices. Ensure parents have the information necessary to understand and support ongoing literacy interventions for their child.
Learn what works
Use administrative reports to surface intervention strategies used across the district for all students. Combine strategy information with literacy improvement scores to determine highest yield practices.
Manage with ease
Program directors view documents district-wide and leverage powerful administrative reports. Automatic program participation and deadline tracking helps administrators ensure expected documentation is completed within standard timeframes.
Streamline support
24x7 online guides and helpdesk access for all users helps staff get high-quality answers to questions quickly while freeing up valuable administrative time for program directors.

Top questions about SameGoal K-4 Literacy
Can literacy coaches and specialists access SameGoal?
Yes. Your annual SameGoal license includes an unlimited number of users, and can include outside service providers and specialists.
Can I integrate SameGoal with my student information system?
Yes. SameGoal can be configured to import student/parent demographics from your SIS nightly and display completed Literacy Improvement Plans directly in your SIS for streamlined access by general education staff.
What are SameGoal's system requirements?
SameGoal is a web application that supports the current and previous version at any given time of all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Work from any device that runs these browsers, including laptops, tablets and phones.

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