QuickStart Guide
We've helped hundreds of districts implement SameGoal quickly & successfully with a 98%+ retention rate.


1 - Planning Call
Conduct a planning call with your SameGoal representative to discuss each implementation step, identify district staff to be involved and determine key dates for a successful implementation. Learn more

Who: Key district stakeholders
2 - User Accounts
Complete a spreadsheet denoting staff that require user accounts and their initial access for bulk upload. Learn more

Who: Special Programs director, secretary
3 - Setup SIS Integration & LDAP/AD
Optional. Most districts/charters beyond several hundred students find integration extremely beneficial. If your district uses LDAP/Active Directory to centralize login, we recommend you setup SameGoal to use this as well.

Who: IT director and/or related staff

Learn more about SIS integration
Learn more about LDAP/AD setup
4 - Import PDFs
Optional. Districts may choose to bulk import PDFs from their prior system into SameGoal. Key dates and data are extracted in order to automatically bootstrap your environment, setting program participation badges and future deadlines. Learn more

Who: IT director and/or related staff
5 - Training
Schedule and conduct administrative and staff training. Learn more

Who: Special Programs director, secretary, all staff that will use SameGoal
6 - Transition to General Support
After your district has completed training, your SameGoal representative will continue to check in over the course of your first two months to ensure everything is running smoothly. All district staff may immediately begin using our general support and daily helpdesk as well. Learn more


How long will implementation take?
That's generally up to you. Some districts begin planning six months in advance. Others have called us Wednesday morning and been trained by Friday. Because you and your staff provide the information and scheduling necessary for initial setup and training, implementation pace is generally at the discretion of the district. Many steps may also be done in parallel and by different district staff.
How do we migrate PDFs from our prior system to SameGoal?
SameGoal can bulk import PDFs provided by your district. If your past vendor does not provide a PDF extract, SameGoal has general extraction utilities that may be helpful. We have imported PDFs from many different systems and can often share a method that has been successful for other districts in the past for your vendor.
What happens if we change SIS?
No problem. At the point your district changes student information system, you can reconfigure integration to work with your new SIS solution. In many districts, SameGoal has been used across several district SIS transitions.

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